Seesmic and Zappos Plug things up

Submitted by Will Young on Fri, 09/10/2010 - 22:10

Last night, we launched a "Zappos Plugin" that works with the brand new Seesmic desktop. It was a fun project we worked on with the folks over at Seesmic.

What is Seesmic Desktop?
The desktop is a super social desktop client. If you have used other twitter clients, the new SD2 will blow you away. It's a social desktop client on steroids, HGH and caffeine pills.

Why Zappos?
So what does Zappos have to do with a social desktop client? At first we weren't sure either. Even though Zappos as a company has been a long time fan of things like Twitter (, we didn't initially get why we would want to build a plugin either.

But we had recently launched our API and the Seesmic team reached out to us. After a few brainstorming sessions, it seemed like a great fit.

What does the plugin do?
It does a few cool things:

  1. If someone in your stream tweets out a Zappos link, it uses the API to get a quick preview of that product right in the desktop app. There are quick links to view it on Zappos, tell that person you like it and then view the product details themselves within the desktop
  2. We know as popular as we are, the above isn't happening that much. So we also have a "Just Bought" feature. It uses our Stats api to show a stream of what products are being bought on Zappos right now.
  3. You will also see quick links to our CEO Tony on Twitter (@zappos) and our great CLT team (@zappos_service).
  4. Buzzworthy – This is my favorite part. Buzzworthy does a Twitter search for everyone sending out Zappos links and shows what product the internet is talking about right now. You'll see lots of fun tweets from people like "Should I get these shoes?" with a picture. I think this feature will really encourage engagement between our own customers who have never met before

A few screenshots:

Helpful Links:

Let us know what you think of the plugin!! We're planning on building more features into the plugin and would love to hear any suggestions.

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