Developer Profile: Igor K. developer of ShoesNBags

Submitted by Will Young on Thu, 10/07/2010 - 10:26

We are stoked to be doing the first of what we hope are many developer profiles on our blog. Around 2 months after we removed the restriction of allowing mobile apps built on our API (details here and here), Igor launched his ShoesNBags app to the iTunes store. He actually got into the AppStore a few days before our Official iPad app.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself (school, work, interests, hobbies, languages you love, first app your ever built, etc.)

A: My name is Igor (@iksoft) and I'm an ASP.NET developer working for health insurance company in Los Angeles. I'm currently working on my MIS degree at University of Phoenix. iOS apps development is one of my hobbies and first app I built was iGoods. It's a shopping app for Best Buy and app uses Remix API. I equally enjoy Microsoft and Apple development technologies.

Q: The Zappos API is pretty new and we haven't promoted it very much. How did you hear about it?

A: Some time ago my girlfriend mentioned about and her very positive experience while shopping on the site. After visiting Zappos I realized that there is no iPhone app available on App Store. Immediately I have started looking for some sort of Zappos API and I have found it on

Q: If Ghandi asked you to teach him how to program, what language would you recommend?

A: LOL, that is an interesting question...I would probably recommend VB.NET, since it is highly popular language for beginners and easy to pick up.

Q: Tell us a little about what you built on the API and why? How long did it take you?

A: Using API I have built iOS app called ShoesNBags which brings Zappos shopping experience to iPhone. I was very excited about building first, native iOS app for such a famous company like Zappos. I wanted to build an app which is fast, easy to use and allows users to have Zappos in their pocket. Since it was my part-time project it took me a little over two months to finish my first version. It is my second iOS app I have built using web service API.

Q: Mashery, an API Infrastructure company, did a survey on "Why do you work with API's" ( So...why do you work with API's?

A: I work with API's because it allows me (individual developer) to build apps around data which is usually internal to big companies. Majority of iPhone and Droid apps rely strictly on API's.

Q: What programming language do you think leads to the most obnoxious programmers?

A: To be honest, I don't think technology has anything to do with personal ethics. I have seen obnoxious / conceded .NET, C++, JAVA and Apple developers.

Q: What did you like about working with our API?

A: I personally think Zappos API is simple to understand and super fast, it allows wide range of features.

Q: What sucks about working with our API? What can we improve?

A: In my case Zappos API gave me everything I needed to build my app. The only thing I would like to see is support for XML, since Cocoa Touch has powerful built-in XML parser. However, I believe that JSON format allows higher performance.

Q: What are some other API's you have worked with that you love?

A: The only two API's I have ever worked with were Best Buy Remix and Zappos API. For me they are equally flexible and they deliver what they're supposed to.

Q: What is the biggest animal that you think you could beat in a fight (no weapons allowed)?

A: LOL, that probably would be a panda bear, since he would give up a fight real quick, because I would trick him with bamboo :)

A few useful ShoesNBag links:

Well..that's it for now...if you have built an app that you want us to profile, please let me know!

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