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Submitted by Jimmy Jacobson on Mon, 12/12/2011 - 00:06

Hackathon is here. For this entire week, Zappos developers will be engaged in glorious Hackathon. And we want to invite you to Hack-a-along with us from home in the form of an API contest. This contest was announced a few weeks ago and was only missing one thing. A theme. But today, that theme has arrived.


Gifting is a combination of the words Giving - the act of To Give and Lefting - German for the opposite of Righting. Wait, our lawyers just informed me that is not correct. Okay, let's just say that scientists may never agree on the actually definition of Gifting. Gifting is our theme for this Hack-a-long contest.

We are looking for anything that leverages the Zappos API and falls into the theme of Gifting. We aren't even saying the final product has to be electronic...

For more information on eligibility and how to enter see here.

Here are the "Official" prizes:
The prizes:

  • Best Overall Application: $100 value ($100.00 electronic gift certificate)
  • Most Fun and Weird Application: $100 value ($100.00 electronic gift certificate
  • Best Mash-up Application (integrating other APIs or apps): $100 value ($100.00 electronic gift certificate

Astute readers may have noticed the "air quotes" around "Official". Does this mean there are also "Unofficial" prizes? YES! Some of our friends have decided to pitch in prizes as well for the best uses of both the Zappos API and their own!

  • Rovi: APIs for Multi-Media
  • TokBox: Drop in some video chat with Open-Tok
  • SendGrid: Get your email on!
  • Context IO: API for quick and easy indexing of email inboxes. Hint... you could pull all the Zappos order confirmation emails out of an inbox and do something cool with them.
  • Twilio - make almost anything SMS or Voice capable using Twilio APIs and tools. And I mean ANYTHING. Including the Kindle Fire they are offering as a prize!

Judging for this contest will be performed by Zappos Employees. All [#currentZapposEmployeeCount] of us! Everyone from the executive team (Hi Tony!) to our Customer Loyalty Team will get to play with your apps and vote on the winners along side voting for our internal Hackathon.

This contest ends Friday afternoon at 5pm PST so get cracking and have fun. Let us know ( if you have any questions.

Support and help is available via both email, google group and via twitter (@zappos_api)

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Hello, when is the judging?

Submitted by Jason on Fri, 02/17/2012 - 10:13.

Hello, when is the judging?

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