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Submitted by Will Young on Thu, 10/07/2010 - 09:12


We couldn't be happier to announce that the iPad app hit the iTunes store this week!

The app provides a full shopping experience that is unique to the iPad. You'll have easier access to high resolution images, swiping the various views of a product, and probably my favorite feature is the continuous scrolling on search results. There is also an easter egg hidden on the home page (don't hurt yourself trying to find it though).

Check out a video demonstration from Ray, our lead developer on the app:

As Ray (@raycmorgan) the long haired hippy says: "It's pretty awesome" and "It's really nice".

Tons of work went into this first version of our app. We had an amazing tiger team of developers, designers, user experience, QA and a project manager driving it to completion. And the most exciting thing for the API team is we are powering all that goodness you see in the app.

Using our API

We are already using our API in a few places on proper (separate blog post on that coming soon), but the iPad implementation was our first full test of almost all of our APIs. The iPad and API teams worked very closely to add and refine our API's to help optimize things on the mobile end.

We'll be continuing to work together as we keep adding more features to our mobile application suite.

What about the iPhone? Android? Newton?

Right now, Zappos Mobile, is iPad specific. We're currently working on support for the iPhone but we thought the iPad would be more fun to do first. Android is also coming up.

Zappos also supports an iPhone friendly website ( that is a decent mobile shopping experience.

However, I'm also proud to announce that there is a 3rd party built iPhone app for It's called ShoesNBags and it was built by a non-Zappos developer named Igor K. ShoesNBags actually happens to be the "Mashup of the day" on (October 7th, 2010)! I'll be publishing an email interview we did with Igor shortly!

Helpful links:

Hey, where are the Order API's hiding?

Some of you may be wondering "Why haven't I seen documentation on how to make purchases with the API?". And you are right, we haven't made that public. Right now, we are restricting customer specific calls to Official Zappos applications. We will be supporting an OAuth based solution soon that will allow some basic customer related calls (such as Order history and Favorites), but we don't expect to release actual purchasing API's public any time soon.

ShoesNBags actually does a nice integration with our site and it makes it relatively seamless to do actual shopping through his app.

Let us know what you think of our iPad app!

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