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Zappos API Happy Office Hours in San Francisco - May 13th - 3-5 pm

Submitted by Will Young on Tue, 05/10/2011 - 16:14

We're trying something new this week folks!

The stars aligned and most of the Zappos API team is in San Francisco this week (Google I/O & a Twilio event). We thought we would take advantage of our new San Francisco office and hold a "Happy Office Hours" this Friday (5/13) from 3-5 pm PST.

Why would you come to our Happy Office Hour? How about our top ten list (not really in order):

  1. You want to learn more about the Zappos API
  2. You want to complain about the Zappos API (complaints are a gift!)
  3. You want to learn how to do a proper hand stand
  4. You want to request new features in the Zappos API
  5. You like beer
  6. You just want to hang out with us and other developers (assuming people come out)
  7. You want to see our new (kind of empty) San Francisco office and recommend some decorating tips
  8. You want to learn more about Zappos in general
  9. You have a few ideas you want to bounce off of us and just want to brainstorm
  10. You want to try a spirit hood on

We hope to see you there!

Check out the event on plancast and let us know there (or in comments below) if you can make it: http://plancast.com/p/5awy

Office Address: 121 2nd Street (Between Howard and Mission) 3rd Floor

If the building is locked when you get there, find Zappos in the directory and we'll buzz you up.

p.s. Zappos is hiring like crazy (including our San Francisco office). Check out all the listings here: http://jobs.zappos.com

p.p.s We're still getting some kinks worked out in our office logistics. Don't hate us if internet is flaky. We'll just have to drink and chat if there are connectivity issues.

First Developer Contest Winners!

Submitted by Will Young on Sat, 04/16/2011 - 18:18

First, sorry for the long delay in announcing our API Developer contest winners. But we're excited and ready to announce them now!


Best Mash Up

RED SHOE BLUE SHOE : The current top five hottest shoes purchased on zappos, by political party, in real time.

This app was brought to you by the Fort Clover Hacker Team aka Derrek, Brandon and Max out of lovely San Francisco. Congrats on building a fun app! Maybe with the winnings they can hire a designer to create a new logo! We kid, we kid...

The team mashed up our Stats API (http://developer.zappos.com/docs/api-statistics#Statistic_Types) with Google maps API and census data on the 2008 US Presidential Election. It's nice to that Dems and Republicans at least have Sperry Top-Siders in common.

Prize: $500 Value prize = $250 Gift certificate + $250 cash

Most Fun and Weird App

Pricecrisis.com : A price game where you have to guess the price of the Zappos item before the counter runs out. You can submit guesses and we will tell you if you need to guess higher or lower.

Creating fun and a little weirdness is a Zappos Core Value (http://api.zappos.com/CoreValue/3)!!

This app was brought to you by Frank hailing from NJ. We were surprised at how fun this simple little game could be. Frank also integrated Twilio and you can play via dialing in! It's no surprise that Frank has previously won a coding challenge over at Twilio earlier this year.

Prize: $500 Value prize = $250 Gift certificate + $250 cash

Best Overall Application

OutfitHer - It's a way to play virtual "dress up" with Zappos clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. You search for items you're interested in and drag them onto your avatar. Once you're done, you can generate a link that you can share with your friends.

This app was brought to you by Scott from Omaha. The app is simple to use and has a lot of polish and utility. Great work Scott!

Prize: - $1000 Value - $500 Gift certificate + $500 cash

Thank You!!

Congrats to all our winners and all the participants who took time to play with our API. This was our first contest and it exceeded our expectations in terms of entries and creativity. When Zappos took on opening up an API, we were hoping folks would build fun and creative things on it. And it's amazing to see that happening.

Full List of Entries

Here is a list of all the other entries. You all did great. THANK YOU!

  • FavStyle.com - a site that helps people find and compare unique and fun shoes from Zappos. It is dead simple and highly addictive (via Jonathan N from San Diego)
  • Zearch - Zearch is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that gives a very brief summary of Zappos search results for certain queries. The intent of Zearch is to let a user get a rough idea of cost / selection on a product very quickly, without having to spend a significant amount of time or research. Requires either Firefox or Chrome. (via Steve P from Las Vegas)
  • ShoeCollection Android App - Shoe lovers, keep track of all the shoes in your wardrobe and rate your Shoe lovers, keep track of all the shoes in your wardrobe and rate your favorite heels, flats, or sneakers with this Android app. (via Seni from Sunnyvale, CA)
  • Coldfusion Library - A partial implementation of a Coldfusion library to interface with the Zappos API. This library calls the Zappos API and turns the results into Coldfusion objects to help Coldfusion developers. (via Shannon from MN)
  • ZapAlert - ZappAlert monitors your Zappos wishlist once a day for a drop in price in any of the items you've saved. If the price of one of your favorite items has dropped, you'll receive an email alert with the photo, title, price, and link to add the item to your shopping cart. (via Jed W from Illinois)
  • Zappos Android App - Jason W. from Stanford also created an android app

WE <3 Our Developers

Internal Entries

We also had a small handful of internal Zappos developers submit an entry! They weren't eligible for the fun prizes above, but they got a lil something for it. Those entries are in an upcoming post!

First Zappos Developer Contest!

Submitted by Will Young on Thu, 03/10/2011 - 11:04

Hi everyone,

We <3 APIs and we especially love companies that have easy to use APIs and host developer challenges to reward new and creative uses of their API. While we hope we fall into the first category, we now officially fall into the second category as a contest loving, API hosting company! Announcing the first (of many) Zappos API Developer Challenge-palooza-athon.

We launced the Zappos API a year ago and in that time, the API team has been working hard to make sure all your API calls are answered in a timely manner. At first, it was just a call here and there but now there are many awesome Apps calling us day and night including Ipad, Iphone, Android and mashups. We've been having a lot of fun using our API internally for our Hackathons as well. But now, we want you to have fun too, with our first Developer Contest!

The full contest rules can be found here: http://developer.zappos.com/docs/zappos-public-api-developer-contest-rul....

We're looking to spotlight and reward a few fun applications built with the Zappos API. Your entry doesn't need to be a fully featured-multi-page website (but that's ok too). Feel free to just submit a simple widget, module or even single page web app that makes creative use of our API.

The prizes:

  • Best Overall Application: $1000 value ($500.00 Zappos.com electronic gift certificate and $500.00 cash)
  • Most Fun and Weird Application: $500 value ($250.00 Zappos.com electronic gift certificate and $250.00 cash)
  • Best Mash-up Application (integrating other APIs or apps): $500 value ($250.00 Zappos.com electronic gift certificate and $250.00 cash)

While not mandatory, extra consideration will be given to applications that provide a fun and new way to navigate our enormous (that's what she said) product catalog. Don't be afraid to build an app that focuses on just one of our many product categories. Did you even know we sold housewares, watches and sunglasses? We also have an amazing Statistics API that gives you the ability to pull some very interesting data from our sales history. Head on over to API documentation to get more information: http://developer.zappos.com/docs/api-documentation

When you are finished, throw a Facebook Like button on it so we can show you some love in return.

Check out the full contest rules on how to enter. The contest runs from March 10th until March 31st. Get cracking and have fun. Let us know (api@zappos.com) if you have any questions.

Support and help is available via both email, google group and via twitter (@zappos_api)

Thanks - Zappos API Team

Zappos API Quick Tour

Submitted by Will Young on Thu, 03/10/2011 - 11:00

Okay, so this is awkward. We get it. You heard about the Zappos API and are excited to play with it. Then you signed up for a Zappos Developer Account and set up a key. You put that key into a config file and got ready to do some coding. Then you hit a brick wall. We get it. We want to help. Let us give you a quick whirlwind tour of our API in the form of a challenge. Finish the challenge and tweet us a URL and we'll retweet it in your honor.

  1. First things first, you'll need a key to use the Zappos API. If you don't have one, head on over to http://developer.zappos.com to activate your account and set up a new Application and grab your key.
  2. Did you know that Zappos is the 6th best company to work for according to people that measure best companies to work for? That's thanks in part to our 10 Core Values. Take a look at our Core Value API http://developer.zappos.com/docs/api-corevalue and figure out which of our Core Value's best fits you. #eastereggalert #spinaltapfans
  3. Zappos has a large selection of shoes and clothes. Take a look at our Brand API and see what Brand best matches your favorite Core Value http://developer.zappos.com/docs/api-brand.
  4. Use our Search API to find some products from that Brand http://developer.zappos.com/docs/api-search-api
  5. Our Statistics API lets you find the most popular and recently purchased items in your geo-region-zone-check-in-i-have-100000-facebook-friends thingy. Check it out and see if your Core Value/Brand is hot in your area (http://developer.zappos.com/docs/api-statistics)
  6. Now that you've learned how to make these calls, why don't you put all this hard work into a web app and let other people find their favorite Core Values and Brands. Include some Make It Awesome(tm) for good measure.
  7. Email us (api@zappos.com) or Tweet us (@zappos_api) a URL to check out your web app and we'll make you famous (note: we might not actually be able to make you famous, but we will give you a tweet shout out).

Here are a few other web apps that run on the Zappos API, in case he ideas still aren't flowing.

* A Map! http://www.zappos.com/map
* An iphone app! http://blogs.zappos.com/iPhone
* A plugin! http://marketplace.seesmic.com/plugins/zappos-plugin

We hope this helps get you started along the path of API Awesomesauce. The Zappos API team is here to help with any questions you may have so feel free to email or tweet us with any questions, concerns or advice.

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