Zappos API Console Now Live!

Submitted by Jimmy Jacobson on Sun, 05/01/2011 - 15:39

A lot of feedback we heard from our developer contest was about how much a console would help for learning our API. We are happy to announce that, partnered with Apigee, we have launched a API console that is now available from our developer portal. This console not only enumerates and shows examples for all the different APIs Zappos offers, but also let's a developer make requests to those calls and shows the response, all in the same window. The API Console also let's the developer save calls and tokens. You can see it either at Apigee or at our developer portal.

Our API calls, especially ones like /Product and /Image have a lot of powerful options that can be included, but this also makes the requests much more complex. When designing the console, we opted for more calls to the same API using different options as examples. We'd love to hear your feedback on this, if it is helpful we'll add even more example requests.

Finally, we got a chance to use Apigee's new To-Go product for setting up this console. To-Go lets the API producer customize every aspect of the console. Even the calls and documentation can be updated by simply uploading a WADL document. This made the cycle of updating the console and getting feedback very quick and easy and will also make future improvements to our console snappy.

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