Zappos API Hackathon Hack-a-long Contest

Submitted by Jimmy Jacobson on Mon, 11/28/2011 - 16:56

Winter is coming. And with it, the Zappos Winter Hackathon. December 12th through the 16th of 2011. In
the past this has been an event open only to Zappos Employees. 1 Week of furious coding frenzy. This year, we want you to hack along with us.

The Zappos API Hackathon Hack-a-long. What does it mean? On Monday, Dec 12th, a theme will be posted here on this blog. You have one week to hack up a project that fits this theme. We will award three $100 gift cards for to the winners of the following categories: Best Mashup, Best Overall, and Most Fun and Weird. Who is going to decide the winner? Zappos employees!

Your apps will be presented along side the internal Hackathon projects for all Zappos employees (maybe even Tony Hsieh) to play with and vote on during our Hackathon Open House. Stay tuned to this space for announcement of the theme on Monday, Dec 12th and shoot us any questions over on Google Groups, twitter or email.

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Submitted by Jason on Fri, 02/17/2012 - 10:13.

Hello, When is the judging of the Hack-a-Long scheduled to occur?

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