API: Brand

All API calls require the key parameter. That is not shown in the below examples.


Returns details about some of the fabulous brands we have at Zappos.

Get Brand Details


e.g. /Brand/101

  "statusCode": "200",
  "brands": [
        "id": "101",
        "realBrandId": "101",
        "name": "Minnetonka",
        "cleanName": "Minnetonka",
        "brandUrl": "http://www.zappos.com/brand/101",
        "imageUrl": "http://www.zappos.com/boutiques/minnetonka/images/minnetonka_main040316.jpg",
        "headerImageUrl": "http://www.zappos.com/boutiques/minnetonka/images/minnetonkaheader.gif"

Get all brands

Note, to get a full list of brands we support you can use the Search API and make a call such as this: http://api.zappos.com/Search?facets=["brandFacet"]

This will get you the brand name and the brand id.


Bold fields are returned by default (and only if their parent fields are included). To include any other fields, you will need to include them in the includes parameter: e.g. /Brand/101?includes=["faqText"]

  • brand
    • id
    • realBrandId
    • name
    • cleanName
    • brandUrl
    • imageUrl
    • headerImageUrl
    • faqText
    • aboutText
    • newStyleCount
    • allStyleCount
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