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All API calls require the key parameter. That is not shown in the below examples.


This is one of our fun APIs. Our goal is to eventually have this API return different interesting statistics. Right now we only support "latestStyles" (i.e. What was just bought on Zappos.com).

The Zappos API team is going to continue and invest a lot in these stats. We think this where the most interesting mash-ups will come from. Building a travel app and want to find what is being bought in that city right now? This api will help facilitate that soon enough.

Statistic Types

Currently we support 2 different stats calls:

  • latestStyles.- What are the most recent items being bought right now
  • topStyles - What are the top styles being bought over a given time period. NOTE Apologies, but as of 9/29/2011 topStyles is currently under maintenance. We'll be bringing it back to life in the next few weeks.



200 results are returned at a time, but you can limit these to a smaller amount with the limit parameter.

  "statusCode": "200",
  "results": [
        "productId": "7659544",
        "brandName": "Nine West",
        "productName": "Lollypop",
        "styleId": "1181499",
        "colorId": "21503",
        "defaultProductUrl": "http://www.zappos.com/product/7659544/color/21503",
        "defaultImageUrl": "http://www.zappos.com/images/z/1/1/8/1181499-t-THUMBNAIL.jpg",
        "originalPrice": "78.95",
        "price": "63.95",
        "date": "09/09/2010 10:58 AM",
        "zip": "93309-7541",
        "state": "CA"
        "productId": "7621784",
        "brandName": "Nat Nast",
        "productName": "S\/S Santa Fe Linen",
        "styleId": "1095387",
        "colorId": "221470",
        "defaultProductUrl": "http://www.zappos.com/product/7621784/color/221470",
        "defaultImageUrl": "http://www.zappos.com/images/z/1/0/9/1095387-t-THUMBNAIL.jpg",
        "originalPrice": "139",
        "price": "89.5",
        "date": "09/09/2010 10:58 AM",
        "zip": "93309-7541",
        "state": "CA"

Filtering Results

The stats API supports various filters and options to get the results you care about the most.

Filter by Brand


Valid BRAND_KEY inputs:

  • id
  • name


  • /Statistics?type=latestStyles&filters={"brand":{"id":"1"}}
  • /Statistics?type=topStyles&filters={"brand":{"name":"Nike"}}

Note brand name filtering is case insensitive. This is due to the fact that different brands capitalize their names differently. 'UGG' vs. 'Nike'.

Filter by Categorization



  • productType
  • categoryType
  • subcategoryType


  • /Statistics?type=latestStyles&filters={"categorization":{"categoryType":"Watches"}}

To get the valid lists of productTypes, categoryTypes, subcategoryTypes you can use the Search API. Pull it out of the facets return values.

  • /Search?facets=["productTypeFacet","categoryFacet","subCategoryFacet"]&includes=["facets"]

Filter by Gender


Valid GENDER inputs

  • M (Male)
  • F (Female)
  • U (Unisex)


  • /Statistics?type=latestStyles&filters={"gender":"F"}

Combined Examples

  • /Statistics?type=latestStyles&filters={"gender":"F"}
  • /Statistics?type=latestStyles&filters={"gender":"F","brand":{"name":"Nike"}}
  • /Statistics?type=latestStyles&filters={"gender":"F","brand":{"name":"Nike"},"categorization":{"categoryType":"Jewelry"}}

Location specific

Location, location, location. Geo-this, Geo-that. It's what's hot right? You can get a slice of stats specific to a zip, city, IP address, metro area or state.



  • state - use 2 letter value for state
  • overall (default)


  • /Statistics?type=latestStyles&location={"state":"CA"}

NOTE the LOCATION_KEY has been deprecated

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I need API key for using zappos stats API

Submitted by Anup on Sat, 11/16/2013 - 16:53.

I have sent an email yesterday but I haven't received a response yet.
I need this for academic purposes to demonstrate the usage of 3rd party APIs for creating an interesting visualization using d3.js.
My deadline is approaching, so please revert asap.

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