Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, like a lot of public API's, ours is rate limited. The default rate limit is 2500 api calls per day. We'll continue to fine tune this as the system matures. If you would like an increased rate limit, drop us a line at and we'll help you out.

We actually have 2 level of rate limits: * 2500/day * 2 calls per second

You can see information in the HTTP response headers on how many calls you have left (X-Rate-Limit-* header fields).

You will see a lovely 401 status code if this happens.

Zappos Development, who operates the website, has had an affiliate program through Commission Junction for quite a few years. Affiliates have really helped Zappos grow in terms of traffic, sales and brand recognition.

You can join Zappos Development affiliate program via this link:

**UPDATE Q32011**
Note, we now have CJ affiliate support in BETA on the api. If you have already been approved as a CJ affiliate, please contact and lets talk about getting you beta API access!

Please also note that data from our API (such as our proprietary images and product reviews) should not be used to solely drive traffic to other sites.

Right now, we aren't supporting accessing customer data (order history, shipping info, etc.) with the API. We will be opening up some of this data soon via OAuth. Stay tuned!

You can get a developer key via this very portal. Follow this link for full details:

We actually launched our API "quietly" quite a few months ago. We put some initial documentation up into a google group ( while we got this portal and other loose ends tied up.

We're still porting documentation over. Our goal is to have this portal be the "portal of reference" by September 3rd, 2010. If we don't, you can flame us over twitter zappos_api.

We'll continue to use our Google Group for the mailing list. If you have any questions or thoughts you want to share with our growing community, share them there. We may eventually move to a forum/bulletin board..but we're small and cozy enough right now the mailing list should work just fine.

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